Wyeth – Global



Wyeth is well known as an over-the-counter (OTC) pharmaceutical company with brands like Robitussin and Advil. Wyeth has become on the largest pharmaceutical companies in the world. Wyeth, now part of Pfizer, needed a solution that was scalable and fit with existing infrastructure, while meeting strict IT requirements and without production disruption.


TrakSYS™ was the clear choice for the solution Wyeth needed. With help of TrakSYS™, Wyeth was able to establish a culture of productivity with accurate, timely manufacturing data. Understanding the cause of production problems quickly resulted in informed decisions to improve productivity.


The Primary Process Unit (PPU) team of Wyeth used real-time performance information contextualized by TrakSYS™ to:

  • Increase OEE by 28 points (100% increase)
  • Improve availability with root cause analysis
  • Involve operators in the Continuous Improvement culture
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Elisa Costa