Luigi De Bernardini

Luigi De Bernardini

Autoware Digital President


It is my pleasure to welcome you to our website and to introduce you to our vision, strategy and culture.

In 1996 I founded Autoware, a System Integrator with corporate headquarters in Italy. For 20+ years I focused in optimizing manufacturing processes and supply chain organization.

My experience drove me to create Autoware Digital, a  Digital System Integrator  that transforms business models to respond to  an increasingly interconnected and digitized industrial market.

I strongly believe that digital transformation is a great opportunity to make the World greener and better.

My mission with Autoware Digital is to combine the most appropriate digital technologies, to help manufacturing companies produce in a smarter and sustainable way.”

Our focus is your growth


A greener and better world through a more efficient and paperless manufacturing


Combine the most appropriate digital technologies to help manufacturing companies produce in a smarter and sustainable way

Autoware Digital is an “unusual” startup. It is a new company, but it boasts over 20 years of experience because of the business of Autoware.


Since 1996 Autoware has been developing complex software solutions to digitize production processes. It helped small, medium and multinational companies to grow and become more efficient.


In Autoware Digital we provide Consulting, MES and Industrial Internet of Things solutions to help our clients improving their organizational and production processes, for a smarter and more sustainable manufacturing.

The way we work


We are committed to excellence. We focus on solving our customers needs, proactively identifying opportunities of growth in respect with the financial sustainability and the company’s goals.


We want to facilitate personal and professional growth through sharing knowledge, teaching each other and being each of us responsible for the growth of the colleagues.


We promote curiosity, innovation and creativity to be “best in class” and create the most effective solutions.


We believe in a working environment based on reciprocal respect, optimism, caring, common sense to facilitate the balance between personal and professional life.