All in One Quality Management

All-In-One Quality Management Platform for Manufacturers

TilliT provides all the tools needed for quality management in one no-code platform. Collaborate across teams, gain visibility of what’s happening now, and look back at historical quality data.   

  • Operators, supervisors and managers can use one tool for all requirements – from top floor to shop floor.
  • Quality managers gain complete visibility of the operation – what’s in progress, are we in spec on each work order, and what are our key quality issues today, this week or this year.
  • Quality, production and maintenance can collaborate in real–time, building an understanding of each area’s responsibility, contributing to better overall quality.
Delivering Quality Data

Delivering Quality Data, With Context

You’ll always know what’s happening on your factory floor with TilliT! 

  • Define configurable and repeatable activities for quality checks, tests and analyses.
  • Set events and customized workflows to trigger different quality checks, based on events or measurements, and define detailed workflows that guide operators to action.
  • Easily handle product variants with material, customer or order-specific quality analyses.
Quality audits made easy

Quality Audits Made Easy

No one wants to find out they are unprepared for a quality audit. With TilliT, quality reports are integrated with production and maintenance processes, so you can always see the full picture.   

  • With the activity summary, you can quickly spot gaps between the executed activities and required ones.
  • Audits are made easy by comparing what should have happened, what did happen and any critical point deviation.
  • Drill into the data for true global root cause analysis.
Easy to use dashboards

Easy-to-use Dashboards, Reports and Integration

All the data captured in TilliT is easily accessible with quality-specific dashboards. Use the dashboard builder to highlight real-time quality issues in the factory, or to provide management with the snapshot they need.

  • Standard quality and activity–based reports are included, highlighting where issues are occurring (or have occurred). Evaluate critical measurements AND processes adherence.
  • Connect to quality measurement sensors, scales, LIMS or other source systems.
  • Use OData connectivity to link TilliT data with any external BI or analysis tool.
Powerful statistical

Powerful Statistical Capability

Increase efficiency in your factory’s processes and perform better quality control with TilliT’s statistical capability. With more data, improved visibility and connected teams, you can mitigate issues and increase process adherence.  

  • Upper or lower control limits can be the result of customized calculation logic.
  • Rule–based retest and event triggers immediately notify the right people of potential issues.
  • Configurable workflow handles escalation and corrective activities.