Analysis & Consulting

Qualified consultancy since the first stages of the project to define together the objectives and the intervention areas and to choose the best solutions for the specific needs

Maintenance Management

Maintenance staff easily see asset performance, downtimes, and OEE, ensuring the production process is running smoothly while being able to issue tasks for preventative maintenance.

Production Management

Production and operations managers gain real-time visibility of your production process, providing insight into machines, material, and people for total end-to-end visibility.

Continuous Improvement

With data captured in a structured way, reporting and advanced analyzing Continuous Improvement or Lean Six Sigma staff easily finds places to improve processes.

Quality Management

Quality teams can quickly see the results of all quality checks, driving a faster audit process and allowing a positive release to be performed in half the time.

Connected Workers

Workers can coordinate easily and without using paper. Operators, processes, and equipments are synchronized in the most natural way.

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MES/MOS is the real enabler of a digital transformation journey. It supports the most important functions and processes of any manufacturing plant. It essentially digitizes the production process, collecting, transferring, and manipulating data in order to provide information to the right people, at the right time in the right place. It is the enabler of the digital journey!

We have chosen TilliT to create a digital thread to orchestrate the operations. TilliT is a next-generation no-code, simple to set up, digital factory platform that provides an integrated way to plan, execute and analyze manufacturing processes. Its out-of-the-box functionality designed to provide the monitoring, measuring, reporting, and analytics you need to digitally connect and orchestrate your manufacturing operation.


Data acquisitionThe foundation of any digital transformation is data acquisition. TilliT collects and aggregates data from virtually any source (PLCs, IIoT, ERP, manual, etc.), to deliver real-time, actionable intelligence on your manufacturing operations. You can leverage your existing assets, resources, and infrastructure and gain real-time visibility of their performance, orchestrate their usage and optimize your processes.


Workflow engine

Work orders are the pillars of manufacturing processes. TilliT’s workflow engine can be easily set up to represent common scenarios around the plant.

  • The system is “aware” of the production order lifecycle –  the workflow can dispatch activities to operators to perform process transitions like start, pause, status complete
  • TilliT orchestrates people, processes and equipments by using a connected workflow that responds to events and status changes
  • The end result – you can trigger operator activities based on what’s happening on the shop floor.


Operations insightData are connected and transferred to digitally connect each stage of the production process. You can gain unparalleled insight into your operation, using the many standard dashboards and reports included within TilliT.  Want to see more? You can easily create custom reports, forms and screens, using the natively available APIs.


Mobile managementAccess real-time data from the entire operation and manage urgent tasks instantly, wherever you are, on any device. TilliT provides complete, end-to-end visibility of your factories with a comprehensive and easy to use interface. to guarantee that the .


Production schedulingBeing digitally connected enables your production scheduling to reflect the current and future state of your factory. Real-time connectivity to equipment state and progress through TilliT ensures you can adapt to deviations, saving costs and increasing service levels and customer satisfaction. A constant feedback loop between planning and execution optimize company results.


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