Italian System Integration Company Addresses IIoT Trends

Italian System Integration Company Addresses IIoT Trends

With 22 years of experience in the creation of software for manufacturing, production management and supply chain optimization, Autoware, a system integration company headquartered in Vicenza, Italy, has launched Autoware Digital, located in Austin, Texas.

Autoware Digital is a digital System Integrator, focused on helping clients develop transformative business models in response to an increasingly interconnected and digitalized industrial market.

Since 1996, Autoware has been improving business processes through the development of software solutions that address Industry 4.0 trends. With a deep knowledge of production facility demands, the need to share data and information among the management and operations areas and the potential made available through new technologies, Autoware has developed a thorough vision of how digitalization will change industrial production and increase the opportunities to offer product-related services.

Luigi De Bernardini, Autoware CEO and president of Autoware Digital, strongly believes in the new opportunities made possible by the digital evolution, as well as the need to address future changes coming in manufacturing: “Everything begins in operations. Organizations need to focus not only on stability and efficiency, but also on the agility and responsiveness that the new digital culture requires.

Operations management can be more effective thanks to real-time dashboards that allow people to auto-adjust their activities instantly, while automated data analysis offers managers a better insight of what is happening and helps them optimize their organization. A digital wire needs to connect the entire supply chain with the core processes. It is crucial to achieve the flexibility to respond to fast-changing markets, improve performance and reduce costs. Applying artificial intelligence to process management is changing the production scenario as we know it.”

The corporate mission of Autoware Digital is to support companies in digital transformation. “We chose to base Autoware Digital in the United States,” De Bernardini says, “in order to combine the new emerging technologies that can be found here with the quality and complexity of the solutions Autoware already provides in Europe. Austin, in particular, is experiencing a rapid expansion in technology-based industry, which will give us access to skilled talent. It is, therefore, the ideal place to serve as headquarters for this new digital venture.”

Luigi De Bernardini
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