Akzo Nobel – Mauá, Brazil



Akzo Nobel, one of the world’s leading decorative paint companies, selected TrakSYS™ to manage their operations at their largest plant in Mauá, Brazil. TrakSYS™ was integrated into Akzo Nobel’s ERP (SAP) to provide management and visibility across all aspects of production. From OEE in filling lines, to scheduling and management of production orders. TrakSYS™ helped to effectively manage all Work in Process (WIP) & Bill of Materials (BOM), as well as actionable, real-time, visual management Business Intelligence (BI),


Akzo Nobel, with the help to Parsec’s TrakSYS™, was able to:


  • Create a 16% increase in on-time delivery of finished goods
  • Improve scheduling and production planning
  • Identify the root cause of bottlenecks in production areas
  • Overtime and outsourced labor costs reduced
  • Significantly increase the overall efficiency in the filling area



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Elisa Costa