Eckes Granini – Europe



The food and beverage industry is a balancing act between regulations and the bottom-line. To comply with regulatory requirements related to food safety, Eckes Granini used Parsec to manage Electronic Production Records (EPRs). Readily available information allows for root cause analysis to continually improve production.


Eckes Granini had to overcome challenges like; wasted raw ingredients, lack of real-time visibility and SPC, and lack of data integration throughout the plant and enterprise. Communication, facilitated by TrakSYS™, eliminated unnecessary waste, increased operator buy-in, removed inconsistencies and paper, and enabled Eckes Granini to:


  • Improve production performance by 10%
  • Reduce costly giveaway of overfill by 30%
  • Increase quality by managing all daily checks including HACCP (Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points)



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Elisa Costa