Analysis & Consulting

Qualified consultancy since the first stages of the project to define together the objectives and the intervention areas and to choose the best solutions for the specific needs

Industrial Internet of Things

IIoT applications allow you to collect data across the entire supply chain and transform them into anywhere accessible information, ready to support innovative services, bring operational improvements or provide insights for the development of new products

Manufacturing Execution Systems

MES systems allow you to optimize production processes, interfacing management systems and production lines, while ensuring efficient operations and processes

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Augmented Reality

For the industrial production, the use of the augmented reality brings many advantages in terms of production efficiency, efficacy and visibility

Energy Management

Energy management system allows to filter and/or retreive data automatically when a measurement devices is changed or any other technical problem happens

Predictive Analytics

Aggregate the data will become increasignly important for the manufacturing sector, in order to do calculations based on specific behavior patterns of the previously collected data.

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Bottling & Packaging

MES/MOS is the real enabler of a digital transformation journey. It supports with a computerized approach the most important functions and processes that characterize the life of a specific plant. It essentially digitizes the production process, collecting, transferring and manipulating data in a digital way in order to provide information to the right people, at the right time in the right place. It is going digital!

We have chosen TrakSYS by Parsec Corporation to create a digital thread to orchestrate the operations. TrakSYS is a next-generation Digital MES platform with out-of-the-box functionality designed to provide the monitoring, measuring, reporting and analytics you need to digitally connect and orchestrate your manufacturing operation.


The foundation of any digital transformation is data acquisition. TrakSYS benchmarks performance and productivity, by collecting and aggregating data from virtually any source (PLCs, IIoT, ERP, manual, etc.), to deliver real-time, actionable intelligence on your manufacturing operation – while leveraging your existing assets, resources and infrastructure.


Data is nothing without context. Data are connected and transferred along the whole supply chain to digitally connect each stage of the production process. You can gain unparalleled insight into your operation, using the many standard dashboards and reports included with the TrakSYS platform.  Want to see more? You can easily create custom reports, forms and screens, using the web-based configuration tools built into TrakSYS.


Access any relevant information anywhere and anytime to take the best and most informed decisions. Any solution is automatically available on mobile devices to guarantee that the digital thread continues both inside and outside the factory.


Being digitally connected to the operations enables you to take what you’ve learned about your operation and put it into action, using the built-in task management features of TrakSYS. Enter operating notes in Journals. Assign Tasks to operators, maintenance, and other team members. Or send out Notifications for urgent issues.

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